Welcome to The Mix! We are an Herbalife nutrition club for everyone. We provide healthy meal options to our community, free body composition testing, free community events and you’ll even get paired up with your very own personal wellness coach who can help you to work towards your health and nutrition goals! Our shake bar here provides you the convenience of eating healthy without the commitment of a full plan at home.

Our $10 daily membership includes

An energizing tea which helps to boost your metabolism, burn calories and keep you alert. A shot of soothing aloe which helps with your digestion. A full meal replacement shake that is high in protein and ber while low in sugar, carbs and fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a “membership”?

We call it a daily membership simply to let you know that when you order a tea, shake and aloe, you also have access to everything else that we have to oer as a nutrition club. There is no commitment in purchasing a daily membership.

Why do you need my contact information?

Because we are considered a private club, we keep all of our customers contact information only. Your information is kept confidential and will not be sold to a third party.

What is a complimentary wellness proFILE?

A wellness profile is something that we offer as a free service to you through our team of wellness coaches. This is a 1-on-1 appointment with your wellness coach that typically lasts about 20 minutes where we discuss your health goals, weigh and measure you, and create a customized tness and nutrition plan to help you achieve those goals.

How do I get these products for home?

You can purchase all of the products featured here at The Mix through your wellness coach. Your bartender today will be able to look up who your wellness coach is in our computer.

I have dietary restrictions, do you have a shake for my needs?

Absolutely! Be sure to inform your bartender of any dietary restrictions you might have before ordering. We provide gluten- free and dairyfree shakes for sensitive stomachs and can substitute these formulas for almost any flavor.

How much sugar is in the shakes?

Our shakes have about 9g of fructose sugar, a naturally occuring sugar the same as you’d find in a piece of fruit. The shakes are considered to have a low glycemic index.

A Healthy meal as
Easy as 1,2, 3 …

  1. Choose Flavor of ENERGIZING TEA

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2. Choose Flavor of SOOTHING ALOE

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 1.21.17 PM.png

3. Choose Flavor of Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 1.22.41 PM.png